DOA Equipment

Equipment name

· DOA Equipment

Equipment Model 

· DOA-320

Equipment Application

· The equipment is mainly used for doping and form PN junctions of silicon wafers in the manufacturing process of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Process Flow

· Prepare quartz boat & wafers→ Insert wafers→Loading wafers→ Choose recipe → Boat loading→ Vacuumize→ Temperature rising→Oxygen inlet→pocl3 inlet→ Push in→Diffusion treatment→ Boat unloading→ Cooling→ Testing→ Wafer unloading


· MES control function.

· Low pressure diffusion.

· Boat anti-collision function.

· Pressure stabilization of the gas source.

· Available for adaptation changes,can be compatible with Boron diffusion technology.

· High sheet resistance technical solution.

· Automatic boat loading/unloading.

· With BBI function.

· Intelligent control.

· Match with S.C smart factory solution.