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Inline Acid Polishing Equipment

Equipment Name

·Inline Acid Polishing Equipment

Equipment Model

·SC-LSP4500/ SC-LSP8000

Equipment Application

·Etching/polishing,cleaning and drying of mono/multi crystalline solar cells.

Process Flow

·Water layer protection→Etching/Polishing→Alkaline cleaning→Acid Cleaning→Drying.


· High Throughput: 4000pcs/h, 5 lanes; 8000pcs/h, 10 lanes.

· Excellent Uniformity, long bath life time.

· Various additives or mixed additives technology.

· Wafer thickness down to 120μm.

· Quick inline bath change.

· Suitable for rear side polishing and with low chemical consumption.

· Suitable with MES ; Inline weight testing is optional.

· Compatible with acid polish function.