S.C’s HJT Process Equipment Project Made Breakthrough
Column:Company News Time:2019-07-12

  A few days ago, the first HJT cell of Tongwei Solar's ultra-efficient heterojunction (HJT) solar cell project, a leading company in solar cell industry, came out with 23% conversion efficiency, which marked the new mass production technology of HJT cell and caused a huge sensation in the whole PV industry. S.C participated in the construction of the project as a core process equipment supplier, providing core equipment for the three processes of wet process, RPD process and metallization process, which are also part of the equipment developed by S.C for the layout of the HJT cell technology. The S.C HJT team cooperated with the project with professional, active and efficient services, which effectively ensured that the first cell of the project was successfully launched.  

  The RPD equipment used in the HJT production line is the core process equipment for research and development after S.C obtained the license of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (mainland China).The transparent conductive film device has unique design, and has the technical advantages of less surface damage and high carrier migration speed compared with the conventional PVD device, and has a great contribution to the improvement of the conversion efficiency of the HJT cell.RPD equipment is widely used, in addition to the HJT cell production line, it can also be applied to many fields such as OLED, perovskite cells and so on. S.C has introduced a team of Ph.D technical teams from home and abroad with rich design and process practice capabilities, stepped up the development of new generation equipment with large production capacity and high efficiency in the light of industry development needs, and actively studied and expanded the application of the equipment in other fields. For China's solar energy efficiency reduction and the development of advanced manufacturing industry to further contribute their own strength!  

  S.C has been focusing on R&D and manufacturing of advanced solar equipment and is actively cooperating with domestic and foreign solar cell manufacturers. Providing advanced equipment for the corresponding process technology and supporting automation for each generation of solar cell production lines. This will make an important contribution to the research and development, industrialization and scale of each generation of solar cells, as well as the decline of production costs and the improvement of conversion efficiency. We have tirelessly provided strong support for the development of China's solar industry and the continuous improvement of international competitiveness.  

  S.C is committed to the development of high-efficiency HJT cell turnkey projects. S.C has completed the team building, architecture design and overall planning of the HJT cell production line intelligent factory. Through the global introduction of intelligence, international cooperation and other means, fully enter the development verification phase. It is expected that the HJT production line equipment will be fully localized by the end of this year, and the customer will be fully tested for mass production.  

  After several ups and downs, China's solar photovoltaic industry has fully entered the era of grid parity, and become a strong international competitive industry. The future solar energy industry is expected to grow exponentially, S.C as the backbone of the equipment’s industry, will provide a solid equipment guarantee for the development of China's solar energy industry, for China's clean energy construction to contribute to the strength of a corporate citizen!